Freedom Family Fellowship


THE VISION of Freedom Family Fellowship is a simple one:
To become a family of believers who worship One God in Spirit and in Truth.

1. We want to grow the body of Christ through the life changing power of the Word of God and through the constant flow of His Holy Spirit moving among us and through us.
2. We will never compromise the Word of God to suit the whims of society, government or popular opinion.
3. We will never discriminate for any reason. We strive to grow a church that represents Christ’s intention for His body. People worshiping His glorious name regardless of color, nationality or denomination.
4. The growth of spiritual gifts operating through individuals in the body will be a priority. We will encourage people to identify, develop and walk in the gifts they have been blessed with and insure they understand the biblical order and use of their gift. This is how Christ grew His church in the 1st century and how He wants to continue it’s growth in the 21st century.
5. Based on the faithful giving of each family, this church will in return supply the needs of the body when directed by His Spirit to do so.

These 5 areas listed above will be what guides, motivates and defines us as a body of believers. Everything will fall under one of the above guidelines, whether it is salvation, healing, missions, Sunday School, outreaches, worship or small groups. The task can be huge, the opportunities enumerable and the distractions monumental, but if we focus on the 5 simple guidelines listed here, it will be manageable and will keep our focus on Christ.

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