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Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM)/ Counseling Services

We make every effort to reach into hurting lives with the healing touch of God’s wonderful Holy Spirit. Life is hard and sometimes confusing but God has answers. It is not the will of the Lord for us to remain bound to our past, failures or pains. At Freedom Family Fellowship we offer two distinct opportunities for divine healing. Thephostic Prayer Ministry and traditional counseling.

Transformation Prayer Ministry or TPM is a Spirit driven process leading to complete mind renewal and healing for emotional pain. TPM is not counseling but prayer ministry and is not for everybody. For more information on what TPM is and what it is not please see

Traditional counseling – Biblical Christian counseling is highly effective for direction, guidance and restoration. This is Not psychiatric therapy but biblical counseling. We use the principles of God’s word to evaluate problems, mindsets and spiritual strongholds and through these biblical principle’s find God’s way to freedom.

Whatever direction you choose to go or what resource you choose to use, God wants you free! Each case will be evaluated but Freedom Family Fellowship reserves the right to qualify therapy/counseling candidates and choose to minister to or refuse services. We do not diagnose or treat psychological problems but minister using God’s word and God’s light. For a confidential evaluation please email or call 919-795-9045.

There is no set charge for any counseling services provided but should you feel led to present a love offering or a donation to the ministry your gift will be valued and appreciated but it is not a requirement for ministry.

Romans 12:2
Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…



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