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Freedom Family Fellowship Has a Heart and a Hope for Young People!




Nursery is provided for all Sunday morning worship services. Ages 0 – 5 will be released for nursery following Sunday morning praise and worship. Please provide diapers and formula bottles for all infants.





Future Vision for a Youth Group

As this ministry is just getting off the ground we have no youth group at this time but what you see below is the vision we have for a youth group. We need Godly men and women who are called in the area of youth to come prepared to roll up their sleeves, implement and grow a youth program that God will be proud of. We wish we had it in place right now but every ministry must start first in the word and then as God provides leaders called to the ministry programs like the youth group will be the result. Do you have what it takes? Are you looking for a place to apply your gifts and calling? Then we need you at Freedom Family Fellowship!

Frontline Youth Group

The future name of the youth group will be Frontline because the youth of today are on the Frontlines of battle. They are fighting a war and many of them don’t even realize it. Satan is after them, now, while they are young and “naive” so to speak…naive in the ways of God but not naive in the ways of the world. There is a battle being waged against them, where “they” hang in the balance. Our youth need a battle plan and a strategy that will lead them through this battle and identify the enemy.

That is what we strive to teach them. To empower them with God’s word and what He says about them and what He says they can do. When the enemy comes along and tries to tell them differently they will be empowered with the truth. We want to give the youth what we wish we had when we were their age…power…power that God has given them. Power to stand up for Him, their beliefs and their convictions. There is power available to heal the sick, save the soul, restore confidence and to proclaim God’s word boldly. God has given this power to us, His people, His children.

We want them to know who they are in Christ and how to love others. It will be through this love that they will lead others to Christ. They will love without judging someone’s appearance. They will bring their friends just as they are and they will be loved, not rejected. God will do whatever changing He thinks needs done… not what someone looking with fleshly eyes thinks should be done.

We are here to love them where they are and to teach them what Gods love is and teach others what God’s love looks like. What He can do for them and what they can do for Him. Someone once said the youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. However, we believe they can be the leaders of today with the proper

guidance and knowledge of the Word of God. We have a God given vision to empower them on the frontlines. They will be empowered with the Sword of the Spirit and go forward clothed in the full Armor of God!

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