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Freedom Family Fellowship has a heart for the community.

BASIC Assistance Program

Basic Assistance Program (BAP) – assisting others within the Body of Christ. Freedom Family Fellowship wants all who attend our church to know that those who worship with them care for them. The Bible not only instructs us to attend to the widows and orphans, but also to recognize those needing assistance, such as single moms or children of single parent families, as well as the elderly. We want to reach out and ask them if there is anything we can help them with. Meeting their emotional, relational, spiritual and practical needs will be our eminent goal. Imagine a widow with a leaking roof or a broken washing machine, a mother unable to tutor her own child in mathematics. This ministry will help remove the awkwardness of asking for help, by simply answering the question asked by a caring member of their church family. We will no longer wait to be asked. We all need each other but we need to make the first move, not wait for them to ask for the help.

 Divine Gospel Mission International (DGMI)

Freedom Family Fellowship has a presence in Nigeria West Africa!
Pastor Gabriel Shakavworia, Overseer and Bishop of DGMI has a vision to reach the unreachable. The vision to send missionaries into the rural areas of Nigeria and establish churches is becoming a reality.

DGMI has centers in Abuka, Lagos, Bayelsa, Okpara Inland and has 16 mission fields in 5 states. Recently they have added a Medical Mission providing free medical care for those in need. They have established the Shepherds Bible College to train missionaries to send into these rural areas. The latest push is to send missionaries into Togo, the least evangelized region within Nigeria. It is thrilling to see what our prayers and financial support has made possible in a country with so many needs.

Annually we also support missionaries from Family Worship Ministries as they take the Gospel into Jamaica. For several years we have financed the trip for one member of the missionary team to travel to this mission field. The team goes to spread the gospel and reach people for Christ. They help build schools and churches. This talented team helps to repair plumbing problems and make improvements to existing homes in the region.

There is no better way to show the love of Christ than for the people of Christ to reach into the lives of others expecting nothing in return.

With Love from Jesus Ministries

With Love from Jesus Ministries is a non-profit food/clothing/home furnishing distribution center in Raleigh that gives freely to those in need in Wake County and the surrounding areas. Most importantly, every group coming to “shop” is first given the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and begin a new life in Him. Shoppers are counseled and invited to pray with volunteer staff from several area churches. Freedom Family Fellowship serves as part of this “family” of volunteers.

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Monthly Men’s and Women’s Meeting

Each month we break off into men’s and women’s groups and explore God’s Word and discuss topics relevant to marriage, family and relationships. All topics are open for discussion, but our primary focus will be on relationships, whether in the home or in the body of Christ. Ages 12 and up are welcome. This is a wonderful, relaxing way to strengthen the family unit and come together in the body of Christ.


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