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Information on Pastor’s Book

Information on Pastor’s Book

 It is painfully evident that the family is under attack. We are losing the battle for our children, our society and our culture because we are losing the identity of what a family looks like. Children need both father and mother, together, in their lives to give them the greatest opportunity for success and achievement.

In “A Father for Our Father” The Foundation for a Fluorishing Family, Dr. Scott Johnson discusses candidly the impact a missing father has on the stability of children, the security of wives and the purpose in men. He begins with a foundation and then builds on that foundation until there is a clear, easily understood plan that will not only establish a secure family now but will insure continued stability in generations to come.

The information you find in A Father for Our Father comes directly from the Lord’s Prayer. Each phrase in this beloved prayer is a key foundational principle that, if applied, can establish mindsets and foundations that identify the key roles the man holds as husband and father and highlights the critical role women hold within this dynamic. You will be challenged, educated and given confidence that all is not lost. We can make a change and we can insure a future for our children but the focus must be on the family.

Men are increasingly disparaged in our culture, in sitcoms, in court, and even in their homes. The proliferation of single-parent families, primarily headed by women, leaves boys without a dad in the home. This ongoing trend is nothing new; in fact, the effects of the trend are now easily identified in the lives of boys who are becoming men. 

In general, children from fatherless homes have an exponentially higher rate of suicide, behavioral disorders, dropout rate, and criminal behavior. More than forty percent of children do not live with their fathers and this does not bode well, especially for boys. Conversely, having a father in the picture, especially an involved one, is good for kids: they tend to be smarter, have better psychological health, do better in school, and get better jobs.

This book will be a great addition to your personal library, church library or Kindle library. Click on the links to be directed to the books purchase page and enjoy the journey to a flourishing family.