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The Purpose for Problems Pt. 1

Ever wondered why problems happen. Ever said “Why does this always happen to me”? Watch this two part message on the purpose for problems. This will encourage, uplift and enlighten you on what God may be up to. Remember sometimes it isn’t God at all. It’s merely a consequence of living in a world lost in sin. Bad things happen to good people and God has nothing to do with it. But He has everything to do with how you get through it, if you invite Him into it and stop blaming Him for it.

The Purpose of Problems

Posted by Rodna Shontz on Sunday, October 7, 2018

9/9/18 “You Are There” Pt 2

Enjoy part 2 of this encouraging message. Knowing God is there changes everything. He is an ever present help in time of trouble. Be inspired by this timely message.

You Are There (part 2)

Posted by Rodna Shontz on Sunday, September 9, 2018

9/2/18 “You are There”

Something happens when we “Know” God is there. Watch this inspirational video message and let the Spirit of God encourage you right where you are today. Because where you are, God is there.

You Are There!

Posted by Rodna Shontz on Sunday, September 2, 2018

8/17/18 “Shibboleth”… Do you have the password?

Do you possess the password for entrance into the wedding feast? Listen to this sobering message highlighting the value of the wedding clothes. This powerful and timely message gives us Godly insight into His deep compassion for us as He invites us to join Him at the feast. Only those with the “Shibboleth” will be granted access. Do you have it?


Posted by Rodna Shontz on Sunday, August 19, 2018


Can You “Lose” Your Salvation?

No I don’t think you can “lose” your salvation but I think there is a possibility you can reject it. Salvation is a freewill choice to repent and believe and when you do the gift of grace is extended to you. Repentance means to change direction so when you recognize the gift of grace being offered you change your life direction and follow Jesus. You accept his offer of salvation. If you willfully choose to return back to your life of sin, you have changed direction or repented of your decision to accept the grace offered you. I’m not talking about falling into sin or having sin in your life, I’m talking about the complete, willful decision to live in sin without regard to Christ at all. A very interesting study!!

Lastly, if scripture says to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”, if there is no danger at all, then what is there to work out or to be afraid of or tremble about?

Follow these scriptures and see what you think the bible is saying.


Salvation, Can I Lose it?

  1. Eph 2:1-10   have been saved – grace through faith – gift (He doesn’t remove the gift we refuse the gift). I have a responsibility to live outside the “used to” and walk now in the “alive with Christ”.Psalms 91 filled with promises and blessing but only to those who “dwell in”    2. God is not a respecter of persons where His love is concerned but He is where  His judgment is concerned 1 John 5:1-5 “who is it that overcomes”…? Those who still walk in “our” faith and love is “keeping” His commands.Rev.3:1-5 “worthy” matters, Rev.3:14-21 “one or the other” forces Him to spit us out of His mouth also, to the “one” who is victorious…
  2. Rev. 3:10-13 to endure is a conscious decision – “take your crown” implication is you had it and allowed it to be taken (lost?)
  3. Rev. 2:1-5 repent or remove, 18-26 “the rest of you” separates by lifestyle and choices.
  4. Mt. 25:1-13, 31-46
  5. Luke 9:57-62 cost and continual sacrifice are requirements of fitness. If I’m not fit for service in the kingdom of God how can I be fit for residence in the kingdom of God?
  6. John 3:16-21 continual believing (faith) releases us from condemnation (NOW no condemnation…who are IN Christ) not believing returns us to condemnation by implication.
  1. Old and New Testament bottom lines Heb. 6:4-6
  2. Ezek. 18:21-32