Freedom Family Fellowship

The Basics of What You’ll Find at Freedom Family Fellowship

clip_churchFreedom Family Fellowship does NOT require membership to be part of the family. Does NOT require a dress code. Does NOT follow the traditions of men but rather, gladly follows the word of God. You will be encouraged, loved and challenged to change. You won’t find performances, you Will find genuine worship and loving people. You won’t hear ANYONE beg or browbeat for your money. And you won’t find perfect people but people sincerely seeking the presence of God.

Church has lost its appeal in the eyes of many past church goers. Many feel left behind, unwanted and tired of “Religion”. People still need acceptance, love and to feel a part of something. We have a deep need for that sense of purpose and belonging and the church, in many cases, has gotten away from God’s design and function. At Freedom Family Fellowship we are trying to restore the love and hunger many “used” to have for their church. We are trying to restore excitement in the hearts of those who KNOW they are home when they gather for worship. And we are trying to restore hope in the lives of those who have given up on finding a place to worship that still lets the spirit lead and where love and brotherhood replace social standing and the clicks that so often form in today’s church.

There are still great churches out there! There are still wonderful houses of worship that allow you to experience the presence of God without feeling the eyes of man on you. You can return to church. You can be excited again. You can help us grow a ministry where nobody feels left out again. One visit may be all it takes to begin this restoration and we believe Freedom Family Fellowship is a great place to start. Come as you are, without judgement, without limitations. Find your place and purpose in the body of Christ!

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